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~Non-Fiction Books~

-When God Writes Your Love Story
Eric and Leslie Ludy

“This book is a favorite of mine. Eric and Leslie, each taking turns writing chapters, explain how they came to surrender their lives – even the love part – to God and how he made their story more beautiful and sweeter than they could ever have imagined. And even better – they tell you how it can happen to you.”  –Bethany

-I Kissed Dating Goodbye
Joshua Harris

This was the first relationship book I ever read. I was 15 when I read it, and had never been on a date. I knew I didn’t want to date, but it was hard for me to explain why and what alternative I wanted. This book, written in a very easy to read style, opened my eyes to more than I knew about dating and about how courtship can work for me. I recommend this book to EVERYONE! Don’t let the name scare you– it’s not a book condemning and trashing those who date-it’s a book telling you about a sweeter way. One with less frustrations and heartbreak.” -Bethany

-Boy Meets Girl
Joshua Harris

“This is the sequal to IKDG (above). This is the exiting story of what to do when you meet the person you want to court! It starts out with Joshua meeting his future wife. As their courtship unfolds, you will learn how to have a godly relationship in the “dating” stage and how to handle issues that might come up during courtship. This book was very good for me, because it more clearly defined courtship and what my goal is. -Bethany

-Be Intolerant [Because some things are just stupid.] 
Ryan Dobson

“This is another book that EVERYONE should read–I mean it!  Ryan Dobson, son of James Dobson, it an excellent writer. I don’t read much fiction because I get bogged down sometimes, but this book is different. You can hardly tell it’s a non-fiction book. In this book, Ryan explains why our generation is in such a mess and what we can do to clean it up. It’s important that we, as young people in Christ, stand up for what we believe and stand up for what is right–and not be afraid to be intolerant of what’s wrong. Exploring things like homosexuality, “there is no absolute truth,” environmentalism, and more, Ryan explains things from God’s prospective. He also warns of the danger of not being intolerant-and where that will take you and those around you. Get this book! It’s just over 100 pages and a very quick and easy read. Then pass it on to all your friends :)” –Bethany

-Do Hard Things
Alex and Brett Harris

“This is not one I’ve read yet, but I know it’s a great book-all of my friends have told me so :). In this book, by Joshua Harris’ twin younger brothers, we as a generation as challenged to rise above the low expectations of our culture and ‘do hard things.'” –Bethany

Rebecca St. James

Pure is a 90-day devotional about being pure in mind, body, and spirit. It’s an excellent study guide and only takes a few minutes of each day. I promise you’ll be encouraged by it!” –Bethany

-SHE Teen

Rebecca St. James

In a magazine format, SHE Teen is a great book for girls. SHE stands for Safe, Healthy and Empowered-and that’s exactly what the book helps you become. With quizes, articles, and a load of great information, this book is a must-have for teen girls.” –Bethany

-A Young Woman After God’s Own Heart
Elizabeth George

Highly recommended to all girls. This book is simpl and easy – it’s basically a devotional. Elizabeth George challenges girls to desire God and live for him- and lays out in an easy-to-understand way how you can do that.” –Bethany

-Eyes Wide Open
Brienne Murk

This is a book just for girls on how to be pure –not just in body, but in emotions. Brienne teaches us how to guard our hearts and minds in the things we say and do, from texting to talking to Facebooking. Excellent book.” –Bethany

-The Hiding Place
Corrie ten Boom

This book is for more mature readers, as there are some graphic descriptions. I read this book a few years ago and it really impacted me. This is the story of Corrie through World War II – from when she and her family housed Jews to when she was captured and lived in a concentration camp. There is so much to learn from this book – not just the history of it, or for the story of it; but also to learn as Corrie learns to trust God in all things.” –Bethany

-Tramp for the Lord
Corrie ten Boom

Confession: I haven’t finished this book yet. But what I’ve read so far is excellent. Each short chapter is a story from Corrie’s life as the book tells all about her work for the Lord. It’s a very encouraging book, and I highly recommend it.Bethany

-Girl Talk With God
Susie Shellenberger

Even if you don’t like to read – or just don’t like non-fiction – you will enjoy this book. It’s super easy to read because it’s in conversation format…a  conversation between a girl and God. Topics range from quiet time to boyfriends to keeping the spiritual fires burning.” –Bethany

-Damsels in Distress
Martha Peace

This is a book I’m reading right now. Best for girls 16 and older, I would say, due to the mature theme. Not that it wouldn’t apply to younger girls, but most of it will be more easily understood by older girls. In this book Martha explores many of the problems women today face- from gossip to manipulation to vanity, she covers it all. First,  she lays what’s wrong, then walks you what the Bible says about it and how you can change to become more like Christ. Excellent book!” –Bethany

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