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-Casting Crowns

“Casting Crowns is my all-time favorite group. They have five albums (not counting live ones): Casting Crowns, Lifesong, The Altar and the Door, Peace on Earth (Christmas), and Until the Whole World Hears. Crowns has a heart of God that shows in their lyrics and their actions. I’ve had the opportunity to see them in concert several times and each time have been thoroughly impressed. The lyrics are challening and very God-honoring; the music is such a high quality-I often think of it as ‘beautiful.’ Their style is contemporary – they have a mixture of slow and very upbeat songs and everything inbetween.”  –Bethany


Also a favorite, the Newsboys have been around almost forever! I grew up with them, particularly their song ‘Shine.’ They recently switched lead singers, and I’m still not sure how I feel about that; the group is Australin and their new lead singer is not, so it’s a different sound. Overall, the Newsboys also have a big focus on God and marvelous lyrics. They have a very upbeat style and catch tunes. Great listening.” -Bethany


“An all-girl band dedicated to Christ! All three are sisters and have a lot of fun together. Their style is rocky, but not really alternative. Their lyrics are great and totally God-focused. BG is most known for their stand for purity and not dating.” -Bethany

-Jeremy Camp

“Jeremy Camp is great. It took me a while to listen to him, but now I listen fairly often. His songs show a real passion for Christ. He has a moderate beat; some upbeat, some very slow; all worshipful.” -Bethany


“Downhere is Canadian! I have two of their CDs, Wide-Eyed and Mystified, and Ending is Beginning. Both are marvelous. They have a very unique sound and really good vocals. The music is cool because they mix in some other instruments like horns and such. Great group!” -Bethany


“MercyMe has been around a while, and most people have heard of them. They are a great band led by a humble guy who loves the Lord. He has great vocals and is a really funny guy. The whole band is very laid-back and fun loving. I have all but their first CD and love them all. My favorite songs of theirs (currently) are both on Coming up to Breathe: ‘I Would Die For You’ and ‘Belong.'” -Bethany

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