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-The Ultimate Gift

“Ah! I loved this movie. It’s a truly marvelous movie. Jason’s rich grandfather, Red, has died, and has left him a huge inheritance (much to the dismay of his relatives)–but with a catch. In order to receive “the ultimate gift” he must first learn some other, smaller gifts. And so begins the journey… during which he loses his car, money and apartment (and thus, girlfriend), meets a little girl who has cancer, is stuck in a shack in the jungles, becomes homeless, works on a ranch miles from civilization, and much more. Through it all he learns the value of many things, such as friendship, money, and work. Question is, will he make it to the Ultimate Gift? ”  –Bethany


What a wonderful chick-flick! I have loved this movie since I first saw it in theatres. Giselle meets her Prince Charming -er, Prince Edward, and they shall be wed in the morning! She arrives at the castle a bit late, and as she rushes in – an old hag stops her and offers her a wish… down th wishing well she looks, until suddely – she’s falling! Down, down, down…. She curiously climbs out of where she is to find herself in a place ‘where there are no happy endings’ and a place like she’s never seen before – New York City. A man and his daughter happen upon her as she’s about to fall off a bilboard and Robert’s daughter forces him to help her and they begin quite an adventure while she waits for Prince Edward, who she is sure will come to her rescue. This movie was hilarious and sweet and I watch it as often as I can.” -Bethany

-Pride & Prejudice

“What girl doesn’t love Pride and Prejudice? My favorite version is the one put out by A&E with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. The Kiera Knightly version, while beautiful in it’s own way, does not do the book justice-it was simply too short to be able to capture all of the events and aspects of the novel itself.” -Bethany

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