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~Fiction Books~

-Rivers of Judah
Catherine Farnes

“This is my favorite YA book. I read it when I was in my early teen years and have read it multiple times since – it’s the most worn book I have! It’s a short book, and easy to read, from the perspective of a 15 year old girl, Rebekah. Her father is an associate pastor at their church; the church that just got a new pastor. She makes friends with the pastor’s three children, but as she and others in the church begin to get to know them, they realize that the family is hiding something from their past and becomes determined to find out what it is. Rebekah struggles with trusting Judah, the oldest son who the mystery seems fixed upon, but can hardly control her own curiosity – eventaully the truth comes out and the church faces some very difficult issues which cause the Pastor’s future to hang in the balance.”  –Bethany

-Diary of A Teenage Girl [Caitlin, Chloe, Kim, Maya]
Melody Carlson

“These series are good for teen girls, even though I dno’t agree with some of the things in them. In the first series focused on Caitlin, she struggles with maintaning her purity and learns the true importance of her virtue and most important, her relationship with God. Chloe is in a rock band that faces some trials while touring, including drug abuse; Kim is an adopted girl who struggles to find her identity; Maya is used to taking care of herself because of her careless mother and is forced to grow up entirely too early.” -Bethany

-Anything by Jenny B. Jones

“Yes, this is general. But Jenny Jones is a fantastic YA writer. Her first series, The Katie Parker Productions, is about a girl who’s in the foster system and comes to live in the town of In Between with a Pastor and his wife – and his wife’s crazy mother. Incredibly hilarious and encouraging! Her second series is called A Charmed Life and is about a spoiled diva from NYC named Bella who is forced to move to Okalahoma when her mother remarries. Determined to go back to NYC to live with her dad, Bella tries EVERYTHING she can think of to break up her Mom and Step-Dad. The best part about this series is that each one contains a mystery -my favorite :)” -Bethany

-Christy Miller Series

Robin Jones Gunn

“This is my favorite Christian series for YA. There are 12 books in this life-changing series, not to mention the follow-up series which include the Christy and Todd: College Years series, Sierra Jensen series, and Katie Weldon series. You’ll fall in love with the journey the author takes you on with Christy Miller and her ‘God-loving’ friends. The struggles the characters face are real teenage situations, which include: teen pregnancy, drug abuse, anorexia, first love, etc. The first book starts out with 14-year-old Christy Miller spending summer vacation in California with her aunt and uncle. There she meets new best friends who eventually lead her to Christ. What I love most about this series is how although each of these books are exciting and the characters are fun, I fall more in love with Christ as I turn each page. So not only is Christy Miller on a spiritual journey, but you are, too. It’s amazing how Robin Jones Gunn is able to continuously pull that off throughout each of her books.” –Tessa

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