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  • Daffodils by Bethany Ellis
    Spring is a beautiful time of year, and daffodils always mark its coming for me. But now I have an even greater reason to be excited and feel a twinge when I see the daffodil peeking through the ground…
  • The List by Bethany Ellis
    I have a list. It’s not what I ate today. It’s not my shopping list. It’s not all the stuff I have to do today. It’s not even of books I want (though I have one of those!). It’s what I’m looking for in a guy. Do you have one? I think every girl has a mental list of what she wants. Blonde hair, blue eyes, 6 feet tall. But what about the other stuff? I want you to help you make a list, right now.
  • Happy Umbrella Day! by Bethany Ellis
    February. What’s the first thing you thought of when you read that word? Was it love-related? I thought so. But did you know that February is also home to several other holidays? I did a little research and found some really interesting “holidays.”  Have fun with these!
  • A Lily Among Thorns by Bethany Ellis
    I once saw a cartoon of a pastor at his pulpit with a paper back over his head, with holes cut out for his eyes and mouth. A man in the front pew whispered to his neighbor, “Uh oh, looks like the Pastor’s going to preach on Song of Solomon again!”
  • Helping or Hurting? by Bethany Ellis
    How far is too far? When does helping your friend cause harm to yourself? Or even possibly to your friend? Maybe your friend’s problem is something simple, like slipping cuss words every now and then, or being rude to his parents. Or maybe she has a bigger problem like sleeping around or using drugs or alcohol. Either way, good intentions are not good enough.
  • I’d Much Rather Wait by Tessa Hall
    In High School, so many things may lead us into thinking nobody loves us, that there’s no point in living. When we give into these thoughts, we feel empty inside—whether we realize it or not. There are many things teenagers now use to distract themselves from this lonely feeling, and one of them is dating.
  • Another Love Dare by Tessa Hall
    I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say God is our God. Of course he is. Even Satan knows that. But knowing that God is God and only attending church services and praying when something goes wrong isn’t what being a Christian is all about.
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